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Home to future thinkers, thought leaders and creative minds, the Furnware LearningLab is where you'll meet some the world's leading educationalists. Here we'll share their stories of inspiration, opinions and insights for the future.

New to the LearningLab is Furnware industrial designer Jess Mitchell.  While designing a flexible and modular school desk for the modern 21st Century classroom Jess believed she had created the perfect solution. However, while testing the prototype, students gave her an inspired 'lightbulb moment'. Why design one table solution when you could design develop a system of five interactive shapes that would transform teaching and learning in any classroom? Hear the story behind the user-centred design of the Switch Table System™. 

Craig Kemp and Nathaniel Atherton share helpful insights around the future of learning.

Professor Stephen Heppell discusses Education Polarisation and the importance of an inquisitive curriculum.

Professor Stephen Heppell discusses what the Olympics can teach us about education and the importance of a playful curriculum.

Are you doing innovative things in your classroom? Maybe you have some insights to share about flexible learning environments. We love to hear stories from education pioneers and creative folk from all around the world and share them with our community. If you have something to show and tell please get in touch.