A school that supports the individual learner.

Developing flexible learning spaces that are complemented by purposefully designed areas ensures Te Kowhai School is absolutely supporting their school-wide vision for teaching and learning.

The junior learning space is bright, open and full of activity.

This vision is designed to equip its learners for their future through teaching and learning that engages them as individuals rather than a collective. Principal Tony Grey is clear about how the furniture has played a part in this vision. “We formed a very clear ‘who’ and ‘why’…the spaces became just a ‘what’.”

Engaged learners.

Tony observes the practical application of the ‘what’, noting “Spaces that support collaboration, quiet reflective time, communication, self-management and creativity cannot be achieved with students sitting in one place all day every day!”

“furnware have a very real understanding of what learning is all about, and how the environment can be used as a critical factor to enhance learning.”

Tony Grey - Principal at Te Kowhai School.

Senior students enjoy choosing where they work.

While junior students at Te Kowhai are enjoying a new purpose-built learning space, older students are also benefitting from some refurbishments to their traditional classrooms. Rooms have been opened up to create a much larger space and allow for collaboration. Te Kowhai’s new spaces show a commitment to their values. They afford connectivity and collaboration and the benefits are immediately obvious – happier, more engaged learners.

A space for presenting.

When asked to choose his favourite feature within the space now, his reply is succinct; “Hmmm…all of it! We would replicate the same design in a heartbeat, such is its success.”