Smart thinking for flexible furniture solutions.

A furniture upgrade was the ideal time for Manurewa High School to encourage better student collaboration. As one of New Zealand’s largest secondary schools this was an important focus.

Business Manager, Julie Locke grabbed the chance to assist a pedagogical shift when several spaces required new furniture. Heads of department and their staff could choose their own furniture, but Julie had one condition - the spaces needed to encourage students to work together more freely.

All the teams embraced the idea, thinking carefully about colour, flexibility and durability for each of their classes – but with student collaboration always at the heart.

Business studies students can collaborate or learn independently.

Business Studies opted for Connect Tables which can be pushed together for group work then pulled apart for paired learning. The space was filled with natural light so a softer, more neutral colour palette worked best. 

Colour, colour and more colour!

The Social Sciences walls were rich in colour with student work on display. Staff carried those hues throughout with pops of bright colour across D table and Rectangle table surfaces.  The two table styles work well pushed together or pulled apart depending on the task and the learner.   

Everyone agrees the rooms now feel larger, more modern and most importantly have improved the way the students work in groups.  

“Although the spaces are still old, the new furniture has improved the feel of the rooms and the colours are great. Students and staff are most appreciative and enjoying the new spaces,” said Julie. 

I love the colour and that I can move the desks easily and make different learning groups – basically I love how flexible the space has become.

Andrea Bossenger, Head of Social Sciences