A new learning hub helps inspire students to be lifelong learners

The dedicated teaching team at Bankstown Public School encourage their kids to be well-rounded, informed and confident students. They bring this vision to life with the support of their new learning hub.

Tiered seating options provide choice for students.

Transforming their classrooms from “boring, fixed spaces” to flexible learning environments, has meant the students can choose work spaces to suit their individual needs. It’s a vision that the team at Bankstown has worked hard to realise.

Teachers pods are significant space savers.

Maximising the limited floor space and using colour creatively, were essential factors considered by the project team as they worked to redesign these areas. Assistant Principal Nahla Dennaoui and the teaching team called on other schools absorbing insights from both students and teachers, which was invaluable for their own planning.

“The students are now free to sit however they like, and wherever they like."

Nahla Dennaoui - Assistant Principal at Bankstown Public School

A tight space is optimised with clever furniture choices.

With the right configuration of modular furniture and bright colour choices, they’ve successfully created dynamic spaces that the students love. "As well as having the flexibility to choose their learning environment and workspace, the result has been enhanced student engagement in the classroom,” says Nahla.